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The Ministry of Housing for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has approved and authorized Al-Tahaluf to construct 11,650 homes. Al-Tahaluf has selected Omni Block to provide a quicker construction process (estimated to save them 12 weeks) all with insulated exterior walls and at about the same cost. The homes will be in 266 square meters (3400 square feet). The first one started construction August 16, 2017.


The drawings below are individual pages taken from the 71-page MOH 250 Construction Manual which includes all the Omni Block details to construct the villas. The entire building is engineered as “reinforced masonry” rather than “post and beam” type of construction and uses block that exceeds ASTM C-90 and C-140 (see Al Hoty ASTM C-90 and C-140 Test) criteria for strength. The Omni Block tested at 3360 psi, which is well over the 2000 psi minimum required. These tests are the fundamental strength measurements that structural engineers use when designing a building.


The details include vertical rebar placements, block type (stretcher, left/right corner) locations and all of the plumbing, electrical and AC piping stub outs. All dimensions, including window and door openings are metric and are block module (no cutting of block).

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